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The Tentacle Thing (From Another Dimension)

Ever wondered what will happen if you microwave Sushi?  

Well, wonder no more. 

Ascension Pilot

The Pilot for webseries “Ascension”. Soundtrack written by Kit and a showcase of his talent for playing dead.


Winner of the 24 hour film competition for the Edinburgh Movie Production Society. It teaches the importance of never drinking mysterious green ooze, unless you fancy a night of existential crisis embodied as a masked figure wandering in woodland. 


A 48-Hour Film Competition entry - a demanding husband and an undervalued wife try to bring some spice to their relationship with the help of a noisy neighbour. 

A Drop Of Tension

An assassination and a new drug on the streets “Tension” but are they connected?  

Um. Yes, yes they are. 

Gone To Glasgow

The trailer for the terrifying Horror film that will unfortunately never actually be made.  


24-hour competition entry about Mankind’s final trial. The impending apocalypse threatens life as we know it! 


Created for the 48 hour film competition. Vanity and Elle go hand in hand, that is until her reflection decides to go on holiday... 

Blind Justice

The incredible adventure of a retired detective. Being blind only works to his advantage. 

No Sane Man Will Dance

Created for a 24-Hour Film Competition.  In a post apocalyptic world where loneliness can drive a man to the verge of insanity. 


A pair of pirates stranded on an island fight for the affections of a very special boot. 


A stop-motion musical telling the story of John who is stuck in purgatory on a train. His actions will decide if it goes to heaven or hell. 

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