The Perfect Date

Another fantastic short by Team Chanche, this time for the 90-Second Horror Competition. Dating is a dangerous game.

Vital Strike

Created by the Dalry Open Film Group for the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project competition. Winner of the Best Music Score award.

Dr. Menendez finds herself struggling with her new job as a cleaner at an underground MMA fight club. 

The Perfect Present

Written for Christopher Brooks’ and Blanche Anderson’s fantastic entry for the London Short Film’s 90 second ‘Love’ theme competition. 

Tunnel Vision

Created by the Dalry Open Film Group for the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project competition. Winner of 2 awards including Best Directing.

A mockumentary about a co-dependant relationship that is unlike any other.


Winner of 2 awards at the Glasgow 48 hour film competition in which Kit cowrote the script, composed the music, and provided the sound effects.

Five Blue Planets

 Part of Christopher Brooks’ outstanding “Microworlds” collection.  

The Long Fall

Coming in the top 20 out of 180 entries, this film stole the hearts of a jury made up of Guillermo del Toro, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Benegal, Brad Wyman, Maria Reinup, and Annalee Newitz. An original musical written, recorded and produced within 48 hours. 


A 48-Hour film competition entry that won Best Original Score - the tale of a lonely man infatuated with his work colleague who doesn't seem to notice him.

Bananas Maximus

The heartwarming tale of a man stricken with loneliness who finds “friends” in the most unlikely of places.
Or about Gladiator Bananas. Depending on how you view it. 


Entry for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's 52-Hour Science Fiction Film Competition. 

Winner of Best original Score.

Road To Cramond

Another fantastically shot and edited masterpiece, this time by Michael Westcott. Usually moments like these are overlooked and under appreciated but Michael has been able to capture them on film and tell a beautiful story with them. 

Autumn: Green, Yellow, Orange and Red

Beautifully shot and edited by the genius that is Christopher Brooks. It serves to illustrate the explosion of colours that come out when Autumn begins. 

Knit Soc: The Yarn Conspiracy

Deeply disturbing documentary about corruption within the Edinburgh University Societies. But who weaved the tapestry of lies? How does one untangle the threads? Etc... 

Tuesday Morning

What would happen if you were on Mars in the year 3014? Would you succumb to relentless advertising while eating hover-cereal?  

Down to Bismuth

A mistaken identity that leads to a chase through the galaxy and a treacherous quest for fuel.  
This “Directors Cut” has 100% more lasers and could possibly rival Star Wars sources say. 

Rock Beats Scissors

A western shot at Universal studios. Two Cow-girls have a comic sense of Pistols at dawn. 

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