Kit Willmott is an award-winning Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Sound designer, Production Designer, and Foley artist.  
Based in Edinburgh, he has developed a reputation as a reliable and creative talent receiving several accolades and a scholarship from EMI Music Publishing.  

He is writing music a lot now, as he’s been doing for about 10 years. With a Degree in Professional Musicianship under his belt (figuratively speaking), and a passion for writing film scores - he’s quickly becoming the go-to guy for getting sheet done (literally).
Having worked on a variety of projects and productions as Composer from the Para-Badminton World Championship themetune, to popular webseries Sci-Fi “Jeff & Lisa Vs”, as well as sound designer for many other short films and adverts, he has amassed an impressive repertoire to showcase.
Trained in both Logic and Pro-Tools, and with his own home-studio, he has become an expert in his field.  


Here be a taster of the tracks Kit has created for various projects. Listen and enjoy! 


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